Mundial is committed to defending what it believes in, following a responsible, ethical, transparent and mutually respectful stance.

In order to guide the expected positions, Mundial has a Compliance Program applicable to all employees of the company, its subsidiaries and the companies in which it holds equity interests, directly or indirectly, to suppliers of goods, services and materials, business partners, integrated producers, customers and other parties involved and/or interested in the business, in order to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Confidential Channel

For all cases that violate the code of conduct, good customs or applicable legislation, Mundial has an exclusive and independent channel to ensure the safe and, if desired, anonymous communication of all reports.

Our Confidential Channel can be accessed through the website below, or by phone 0800-882-0415, available from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

Access our Confidential Channel here

Anti-Corruption Policy

Mundial takes very seriously the principles of good conduct, does not tolerate any act of corruption and bribery, and works continuously in the development and implementation of actions aimed at curbing this practice.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Program presents rules to combat corruption and bribery.

PDF Download Full Code of Conduct

PDF Anti-Corruption Policy

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