Mundial approves the conversion of preferred shares (PN) to common shares (ON).

Mundial acquires Impala, a nail polish and cosmetics company.

The Zivi-Hercules-Eberle group is renamed Mundial SA.

Zivi-Hercules-Eberle launches the Syllent, producing the world's first silent motor pump.

Zivi-Hercules acquires Eberle, creating the Zivi-Hercules-Eberle Group. Many changes have been implemented since then.

Zivi-Hercules inaugurates its new 520,000m² unit in Gravataí

Eberle, the new factory for buttons, rivets, eyelets and buckles, opens.

Zivi and Hercules become publicly traded companies.

Eberle becomes a publicly traded company and begins the construction of a new 427,000m² unit in Caxias do Sul.

Zivi begins production of cuticle pliers.

Expanding the product line, Eberle begins the production of cutlery, scissors, knives and household machines.

Eberle begins production of the first electric motor and thus the engine factory is created.

Zivi creates the Hercules company, Latin America's first manufacturer of stainless steel fine cutlery.

Paul Zivi starts the company Zivi, introducing cutlery technology in Brazil.

The first Eberle smithy is inaugurated.

Eberle begins cutlery production.

On April 2nd, the company Eberle is founded, producing lamps.



















Mundial SA is the result of the initiatives of Paul Zivi and Abramo Eberle, two notable pioneers responsible for starting enterprises that are intertwined with the history of industrial development in Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil. Abramo Eberle was the founder of Eberle, in 1896, in the city of Caxias do Sul/RS.

Paul Zivi started Zivi-Hercules SA, in 1931, in the city of Porto Alegre/RS. The development of Eberle blends with the history of Caxias do Sul, while Zivi-Hercules has become a milestone in the establishment of the cutlery tradition in Brazil.

In 1985, Zivi-Hercules acquired Eberle, creating the Zivi-Hercules-Eberle Group, and since the end of 2003, the name of the group has become Mundial SA Produtos de Consumo. Since then, many changes have been implemented, new brands have emerged, and new products have been launched. Today, with more than 127 years of experience, Mundial SA is a socially responsible company, passionate about the development of people and processes, which always seeks to innovate and multiply solutions.

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