Mundial SA understands that the work of dedicated and committed professionals is fundamental to achieving good results.

That is why the company believes in the importance of valuing its employees and providing a healthy and receptive work environment.

There are many initiatives of the company with the objective of promoting a good working environment.

Below, check out some of these actions.

Meio Ambiente
Meio Ambiente

Training and Development

Mundial SA seeks to offer employees opportunities for evolution, as well as acquisition of qualifications and skills for their overall development. For this purpose, several trainings, lectures, workshops, among other activities are held annually.

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Tributes for Length of Service

A striking feature of Mundial SA are the long careers built by employees, which are a source of great pride for the company. That is why, annually, Mundial honors its employees for their years of dedication and work. The tributes are intended for employees who complete at least 10 years of company and are followed every five years.

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Internal Recruitment Program

The program aims to identify internal talents, promoting opportunities, internal challenges and encouraging the career development and motivation of our employees.