For Mundial SA, Social Responsibility goes hand in hand with the concept of sustainable development.

Thus, throughout the year the company invests in actions and programs focused on contributing to the communities where it operates and improving the quality of life of employees.

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Inclusion Program

The Inclusion+Diversity Program aims to prepare the organization internally for the aspects of accessibility in its various forms, creating in Mundial SA, an environment of real inclusion, promoting the construction of a new culture, capable of learning and growing with differences, also seeking the engagement and retention of people with disabilities in the company.

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Health and Quality of Life

The company Mundial SA values the promotion of health in an integral way, physical and mental. During the year, various activities are promoted for this purpose, such as newsletters, lectures and various follow-ups with a focus on health, carried out by the professionals of the company itself and through partnerships. The units of Caxias do Sul and Gravataí/RS also provide psychosocial care provided by qualified professionals, aiming to assist employees to face everyday difficulties, guiding and enabling access to existing resources, as well as referral to external care in the local network when necessary.

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Mundial SA Learning Program

Through this program, Mundial SA aims to promote the development of young people, through preparation for work, in accordance with the Apprenticeship Law. The professional training is carried out in partnership with the educational institutions of Senai - RS and Escola Natacha - SP.

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Relatório de Transparência e Igualdade Salarial de Mulheres e Homens

Confira os Relatórios de Transparência e Igualdade Salarial de Mulheres e Homens das unidades da Mundial SA, elaborados pelo M.T.E com base nos dados do ano de 2022. Os materiais estão sujeitos à análise e validação por parte da empresa. Obrigatoriedade de divulgação para as empresas com mais de 100 funcionários até o dia 31/03/2024.